The partners have different levels of experience in the several scopes of project development, complementing each other to make up a partnership trained and prepared to cover all the necessary points of view to achieve the pursued objectives.


Beneficiary: Instituto de Formación y Estudios Sociales (IFES), Spain
Non-profit foundation created in 1986 by the Spanish trade union UGT, aiming at serving as a technical training instrument in the occupational/professional areas, contributing to economic development, improvement of competiveness and quality of companies through permanent training.

G4E Software Solutions

G4E Software Solutions Ltd. Latvia
It is a software company which develops innovative and complex online tools for managing quality in an organization. Its qualified and certified product development team offers the project planning, running, testing, implementation and support services while developing a customized quality management or monitoring system that answers the needs and expectations from the customers.

C.V.T. Georgikis Anaptixis

AGRICULTURAL – Technological Center of Research, Vocational Training and Education – «C.V.T. GEORGIKIS ANAPTIXIS», Greece (
CVT Georgikis Anaptixis is a non-profit organization founded in 1995. The Center performs a range of activities in the field of Agriculture, Finance and Administration, Computers, Health and Social Care, Culture, Pedagogics, Tourism and Services, Technical and Transport, and Environment.


Public University Obris. Croatia
It is an institution for adult education which has training programs, vocational training, primary and secondary school programs for adult personas and their programs are verified by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. They organize of take part in various events connected to adult education (A week of lifelong learning, informative workshops, visits, etc.), and from 2006 they have closely cooperation with Croatian Employment Service.


Synthesis Center for Research and Education Ltd. Cyprus.
It is a center for social entrepreneurship and a training provider based in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, in the United Nations “buffer zone” of the capital Nicosia. They are working to promote social entrepreneurship through training, research, motivational speaking and promotional activities, and they are also a training provider with training aims to inspire and empower young people.


Centro Italiano per l’Apprendimento Permanente (CIAPE), Italy (
CIAPE carries out training activities to develop and validate soft skills, as well as competences required in the future labour market. They have high qualified experience in EU, national and regional projects management in cooperation with training centers, universities and research centers.


Instituto de Formaçao para o Desenvolvimiento Humano Lda (IFH), Portugal.
It is a small company founded in 2002 that offers training and consultancy services. This company delivers in-house training and public training courses concerning with people entering in the world of work or being better prepared for their work and personal challenges. IFH acts at national level within companies, public body entities and charities.