Project News


Overview of Final Event

What is entrepreneurship education? Why is its integration within educational systems so important? What are the ongoing initiatives, and what is their impact on young people? Those where some of the questions tackled during the Open-LAB “Entrepreneurship Lessons”, organised as the Multiplier event of the EnYouth Teacher Erasmus+ project, and involving experts and managers of innovative projects in the field of entrepreneurship education. CIAPE – The Italian Centre for Permanent Learning, on the 14th of July at the Employment Centre ...


Final conference in Rome

The EnYouthTeacher is approaching to its conclusion.  During the 24 months of the project, partners have worked and collaborated for the creation of training materials and tools addressed to entrepreneurship skills development for teachers/trainers and young unemployed people. Now representatives from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Latvia will meet for the project Final Conference which will be held in Rome on the 14th of July 2016. The event titled “Entrepreneurship Lessons: international open lab for the exchange of tools and ...


Final stage of the EnYouthTeacher Project

Finally we reached the last stage of the EnYouthTeacher project! The training material that will be part of the pilot experience developed to improve knowledge, skills and competences of VET teachers/trainers involved in training for entrepreneurship, as well as of unemployed young persons interested in this topic. A training action addressed towards these two collectives will be delivered, aiming at testing quality and utility of the material designed. The action will be developed exclusively online, and will be a good opportunity ...


Work on the project continues..

Our work in EnYouthTeacher project in this last stage is taking shape. We are now developing training material to improve knowledge, skills and competences of VET teachers/trainers on entrepreneurship, and we are progressing in our third e-brochure, which will be available in this webpage shortly. And we go on sketching our next tasks: the pilot training experiences that are going to be held to test our training material for both teachers/trainers and unemployed young people. If you are interested to participate ...


First results

We continue developing our EnYouthTeacher project. We have held our second meeting (in Alcochete, Portugal, organized by our partner IFH) where we have seen our first results and products: Competences profile of teacher/trainer on entrepreneurship; and the Guide of Best Practices. This Guide shows examples of activities, initiatives and experiences which connect training with the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit among young people. Our current task is focused on the development of training material to make easier to teachers/trainers to achieve and/or ...


Let`s start!

Project EnYouthTeacher partnership had a kick-off meeting in Madrid from 10th-11th March, 2015. This was the first time representatives from 7 different countries as Italy, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Spain and Latvia met therefore motivational thought was established for the two day work: “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” It indeed was a productive and ...