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Overview of Final Event

What is entrepreneurship education? Why is its integration within educational systems so important? What are the ongoing initiatives, and what is their impact on young people? Those where some of the questions tackled during the Open-LAB “Entrepreneurship Lessons”, organised as the Multiplier event of the EnYouth Teacher Erasmus+ project, and involving experts and managers of innovative projects in the field of entrepreneurship education. CIAPE – The Italian Centre for Permanent Learning, on the 14th of July at the Employment Centre ...


Call for startups across the divide

StartUps4Peace invites Cypriots from both side of the divide with innovative business ideas to join the competition. “Applicants must be Cypriots. We are looking for startups with innovative business ideas with growth potential, incorporating vision and strategy for a united Cyprus,” the Home for Cooperation announced, adding that they are looking mainly for intercommunal projects but Cypriots with other projects may also apply. The winners will have the opportunity to attend ‘Slush’, Europe’s leading startup event which takes place every year in ...